Progressive Web Apps

$125 /month
$1900 - One Time Set Up Fee *

Mobile APPs
(available on Apple Store, Google Play Store and as PWA)

$125 /month
$2400 - One Time Set Up Fee *

IT Consulting & Services

$120 /hour ** 

*PWA & APPs terms

-Automatic payments thru credit/debit card
-One Time payment due at contract sign
-Apple Store listing require individual developer account owned by the business


**Terms & Conditions for IT Consulting and Services

Hourly Rate – the hourly rate for MEC7's consulting is $120.00 USD per hour billed in 30 minute increments. There is a 2 hour minimum for new customers. This rate applies Monday through Friday 7:00am to 6:00pm AZ time. Any work performed hourly is billable work.  Any work performed outside of these hours (weekends) will be billed at $150.00 USD per hour.  Any work performed on US Holidays will be billed at $200 USD per hour.

Invoicing – MEC7 sends out invoices after the completion of contracted services less than $500. Any service quoted greater than $500 will be invoiced 50% down, and 50% on completion of service. For new customers, if the estimated amount of work exceeds $120.00 during the first engagement, we may require an initial deposit to begin the work.  Invoices are due upon receipt, and there will be a 10% late charge for any invoices remaining unpaid after 30 days.

Indemnification - MEC7 or anyone providing work for MEC7 can only be held liable for damages in the amount of the contracted services.

Payment – Remaining balance of project will be billed via CreditCard (or checks) at the time of completion.

Outstanding Balances – If there are any balances outstanding for more than 30 days, no additional work will be performed until the existing balance is made current.

Warranty – Due to the nature of the work that we perform, there is no warranty on hourly work. Each hour that we work is billable regardless of the outcome of said work.  While we will make recommendations on the level of effort required to implement a solution or fix an issue, it is up to you to let us know if there is a cap on the number of hours we spend per engagement.

Termination – Either party may terminate services at any time by notifying the other party in writing or via email. Any hours worked prior to termination are still considered billable hours.

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